Flutist :

               B.A. Music Education - Chicago State University, studied jazz under the tutelage of Jazz instructor Bunky Green. 


               Member of The Chicago Flute Society. Musical Director Janet Bergman.


              Private classical flute lessons, instructor Susan Levitin.


               Chicago Public School and private music teacher. 


Music instructor, trained in The International  Baccalaureate Program.


Jazz Flutist :  

                Preformed  with Chicago artists

Diane 'Lil Sax' Ellis,  Ghalib Ghallab, Kirk Brown,  Audley Reid,  David "Dawi" Williams, Roger Weaver and many more. 



    Concert Flute 

Alto Flute


      Fulani ( African Flute )

               Cicada ( Native American Flute )

             Vocalist - Song Stylist 


Kamilah Furqaan preforming an original piece on the Cicada Native American flute.